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"How to get 5-20 exclusive listing appointments monthly through personal branding"


We help realtors get 5 - 20 exclusive listing appointments per month through strategic personal branding.

Our training program contains a comprehensive and proven process for becoming the go-to realtor locally and generating high-quality listing appointments consistently from social media and online marketing.

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Generating listing appointments from social media isn't magic

Nousu.io gets realtors laser-focused on the simple things that produce big results.

You'll find our students using cutting-edge, low-input, high-output methods, not cold calling.

We help busy Realtors

This represents 99,5% of realtors. They do a lot of cold calling, hope for more leads from their company, and live in the mercy of their past client recommendations. So confused what they should do they try to do everything, from expensive ad videos to billboard ads to letter broadcasts.

Get a consistent flow of new listings

This type is rare and it represents less than 0,5% of realtors. They feed on scalability, clarity and efficiency. They have a scalable method to generate high-quality listing appointments consistently. They are deliberate, scientific and dominate the local marketplace.

How our methods work

Traditional marketing methods produce inseparable real estate agents.

We give our clients all the building blocks to positively stand out and we guide you in execution.

We teach the full-stack

Most realtors focus on specific things in their marketing such as ads or quick visibility. Once the initial enthusiasm fades, they find themselves searching for the next new thing – this cycle is the doom of most realtors. In order to succeed in the current marketplace, you have to master the full-stack:

1. Mental cognition  —  Identity, discipline, logic

2. Mental models  —  Systems, awareness, understanding

3. Market principles  —  Psychological drivers, context, value

4. Content discipline  —  Social media, personal branding, websites

5. Practical processes — Posts, promotions, top of mind activities

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Personal mentorship

No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to our exclusive client community and attend weekly live Q&A calls with our pro team.

Proven process

We turned the guesswork of getting seller listing appointments into a science. Follow step-by-step instructions that are proven to work by our clients.


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Who is Nousu?


"People routinely contact me, I've risen to be one of the most well-known realtors locally."

Kalle Lax

Real Estate Agent

"Nousu helped me get to 8 listing appointments/mo through organic social media."

Stefan Koivikko

Real Estate Agent

"The program is extremely well-built. I use these methods to get listing appointments."

Johanna M.

Real Estate Agent

"Went from $10,000,000 in sales to $14,000,000 in 12mo"

"Already 2 closings and 7 listings in the pipeline"

"The benefits are... pretty enormous"

Alexander Koziakov

VP & Realtor

Tim Ornell

Broker & Owner

Joanna Renner

Real Estate Agent

Kalle Lax

Licensed Realtor

Stefan Koivikko

Real Estate Agent

Johanna M.

Licensed Realtor

"Can't say enough about their marketing to sellers"


Real Estate Agent

"570 listing leads, +60 listing appts, 33 listings and over $300,000 in GCI in 11 months."

Tim Davis

Broker & Owner

Tim Davis


"In 15 years I've seen it all. This the the team to be with"

"If your goal is to be major player in the market, call Pasi & Eeli"

"Not only have I started to get listing appointments, I've..."

Jose Medina

Broker & Owner

Elaine Loggins

Real Estate Agent

Zach Koops

Real Estate Agent

"5 listing appointments in less than a month"

Arturo Castaneda

Lead Agent

Agents from the most respected brands work with us

Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real business results. 

We've helped hundreds of real estate agents become well-known locally and generate listing appointments through strategic personal branding and online marketing.

"Got a 4,000 sqft listing in a week after making the changes"

"Went from total confusion to full clarity... highly recommend"

"1 listing and 2 appointments in 3 weeks from starting"

David Plush

Real Estate Agent

Kristina Ainsworth

Real Estate Agent

Column M.

Real Estate Agent

"4 listings and 15-16 more in the pipeline"

Robin Gerlach

Real Estate Agent

Client Interview: 

"33 transactions in 11 months from social media"

Client Interview: 

"Grew my business 50% and strangers on the street recognize me"