Client Interview: How Tim Davis Closed 33 Transactions in 11 Months From Social Media



In this video, Tim Davis, a brokerage owner shares how he has closed 33 transactions from social media in the past 11 months.



00:28 - Tim’s background

01:52 - Why Tim started leveraging social media for listings

03:59 - Softwares and tools for listing generation

05:40 - Why Tim decided to join our Realtor Accelerator program

06:55 - How long it took Tim to get his first client from social media

08:46 - Paid advertising strategy for listing generation

11:52 - The power of omnipresence in lead conversion

13:11 - How Tim got into local TV news by building his brand online

15:00 - Tim’s results from strategic personal branding on social media 11 months into it

16:30 - Leveraging social media to scale your team

17:49 - Which Realtors should use social media

18:54 - How to approach social media if you’re not tech savvy

21:29 - Investing in expert help (how to find the right fit)

23:10 - Complex systems science applied for listing client generation

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